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Cheers: Sam and Diane

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Sam and Diane had an on and off relationship on the Sitcom Cheers. Sam Malone is an ex-baseball player, recovering alcoholic, womanizing bartender who owns Cheers.Diane Chambers is a post graduate, highly educated, well bred, woman who started to work as a barmaid in Cheers because she was dumped by her fiancee and also proffesor Sumner Sloan. He left her for his ex-wife, and Sam offers her a job as a waitress in Cheers. Throughout the first season they had an incredible amount of sexual tension and chemistry that was visible and obvious to the audience, and this held true all throughout the series (well excluding the seasons that Diane wasn't in which were seasons 6-10 she comes back for 3 episodes in season 11). Sam would make passes at her, they would flirt, fight, argue, and finally kiss in the final episode of the first season. Then throughout the second Season they were a couple, and made unforgettably funny television. In the final episode of season 2 they have a huge arguement, literally slap each other, and then grab each other by the noses. Finally Diane is fed up with Sam, and she leaves. She checks into an insane asylum to "rest"; Sam starts drinking and womanizing again and well they are both complete messes. Diane is concerned about Sam's health so she comes back and brings her boyfriend and also Psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane. Sam gets better, and Diane starts working at Cheers  again. Even though they are broken up the sexual tension and flirtation along with a little resentment is still there. Diane goes to Europe with Frasier, Frasier proposes to her, Diane calls Sam and then accepts Frasier's proposal, only to leave him at the alter. She enters an abbey where she is then visited by Sam and again he asks her to come back to Cheers. She does, the flirtation is back and it's sort of like season 1 again. Then at the end of season 4 Sam asks Diane to marry him on the phone, and she says that she would rather him ask her in a more romantic way. So he does, she says no, later he asks her again, she says no, then he tries to kill her and ends up in a courtroom where he has to propose to her or go to jail, she finally accepts. They are engaged for the last half of season five, and then in the last episode they have their wedding in the bar. Diane is offered a book deal, but she wants to marry Sam, he insist that she go and write the book and come back in six months....She doesn't come back untill 6  years later.



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