Cheers: Sam and Diane
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Here's to hoping they wont kill each other!

~*~ Opposites Attract ~*~
Dr. Simon Royce Finch: Ahhh yes the song of the truly desperate!

Sam: Would you tie my shooozie whoozie?

Poor Sam

Diane:Sam get out!!! Sam: Hey i'm loosing the mood here Diane

If they weren't hitting on each other, than the were trying not to kill each other...literally..

Just as long as we keep eating....

Somebody's gonna get hurt


Oh....the mind Games


Tell me or you'll be very sorry...

Episode: Chambers VS Malone
~and this would make Sam's number third proposal....~
(Diane has been trying to get Sam to propose to her the entire day)
Diane: I guess you don't love me! GOD IN HEAVEN IS THAT POSSIBLE!
(starts crying)
Sam: Hey! I know what your doing! your crying so i'll propose to you! well it isn't gonna work!
(continues crying on the bar stool)
Sam: (starts humming to himself) Hmmm hmm hmm hmm (laughs) i'm immune to this stuff.....
(runs over and kneels beside Diane and starts hugging her)
Sam: Oh Diane don't cry! I hate it when you cry....Oh Diane will you marry me?
Diane: No....(continues to cry)
Sam: (shakes)
Diane: what's the matter?
Sam: I just got a flash that I got the electric Chair for killing you
Diane: (sniffing) That's silly Massachussetts doesn't have the death penalty.
Sam: No death penalty huh? (a sadistic smile comes on his face)
Diane: uhh..but um..I'm um sure they are gonna reinstate it.....In fact (starts to walk out quickly) i'm going to go campaign for it right now!
(Sam turns around and starts running after her, she starts running too)
Diane: AHHHHH!!

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